Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Atlanta: Georgia Aquarium in Pictures

Our first attraction using our Atlanta CityPASS was the Georgia Aquarium. I may have been more excited than the kids, since the aquarium has been featured in many movies and I've wanted to visit up close and in person since it opened. This isn't a full-on aquarium review, but more of a peak into our visit through pictures.

We visited the four aquarium galleries:

Cold Water Quest
Home to Beluga Whales, African Penguins and Southern Sea Otters. This was our first gallery and the most fun.

The kids just loved seeing African Penguins up close. I want to pick them up and hold them like babies.

The Sea Otters were busy jumping and flipping and they really made it hard for me to get a good picture.

I believe these two are going half on a baby, close your eyes kids.

I just loved watching the Beluga Whales. We could have watched them for hours.

Ocean Voyager
Here, you can view thousands of animals representing 80 different species while walking through the tunnel or standing in front of the main viewing window, which measures 63 feet long, 26 ft. high and 2 ft. thick.

Hey Duuuuude, Green Sea Turtles are totally coooool!

Imagine his guy swimming above your head, Lesser Devil Ray.
We finally made it to the famous Georgia aquarium tunnel.

Dabbing and surfing on the movable floor through the viewing tunnel

This picture doesn't do the viewing wall any justice! Standing in front of this wall makes you feel as if you're submerged in the ocean, really it's an Amazing view!

River Scout
Home to many fresh water animals, including Albino Alligators and Asian Small Clawed Otters.

Can you tell we love turtles around here, especially this Yellow Belly Slider.

  We never even heard of an Albino Alligator before.

Tropical Diver
See the stunning coral reef, one of the largest living reef exhibits of any aquarium in the world, including garden eels and varieties of Jellies.

Pillowing Jelly Fish
In case anyone was looking, the children did in fact find Nemo!

Who doesn't love Sea horses, one of my all time aquarium favorites.


There were a number of great hands-on activities for the children to participate in, and they loved every minute.
Star fish exhibit
Look at us...having a great time at the aquarium.
We had a great time visiting the Georgia Aquarium! We saw, touched and read about animals we've never seen before. This was a great learning experience for all of us!

This is not a sponsored post, just sharing my thoughts and experiences.

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